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Co-curricular at Home

St Peter's 13-18

Co-curricular at Home

627 challenge

Our extensive co-curricular programme will continue this term, despite the challenges posed by the latest national lockdown.  

Pupils at St Peter’s 13-18 usually enjoy access to over 80 different co-curricular activities during term-time as part of the all-round education offered by St Peter’s School. Many popular activities have returned virtually this week, with pupils participating from home. 

Pupils can enjoy a range of activities each day: 

Monday - Senior Debating, Young Enterprise Group, Weekly Workout
Tuesday - Duke of Edinburgh, CCF, Junior Debating, Swing Band, Strength and Conditioning
Wednesday – Games, Makerspace and Boys’ Barbershop 
Thursday – Radio627, Eco Club, Girls’ Barbershop, Strength and Conditioning
Friday – Fourth Form Drama, Chapel Choir
Saturday – Games and Inter-House Sports Challenge

Other clubs and societies have also continued to meet, including the Community Action Group who are currently organising a T-Shirt design competition.  

To support the co-curricular programme, this term will see the return of the House Isolation Olympics which will be launched after trial exams.  

Mr Jeremy Walker, Head Master, said: “The co-curricular programme is an important part of life at St Peter’s, enabling pupils to develop skills for life and pursue their own passions and interests beyond the classroom. It also gives an opportunity for their abilities and talents to shine, providing variety to their lives which is even more important as an antidote to the restrictions of lockdown. I am grateful to all staff and pupils who have made the continuation of the co-curricular programme possible during this challenging time.”