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International Women's Day

St Peter's 13-18

International Women's Day

Female teachers

On International Women's Day, we celebrated all the inspirational women in our school community including teachers and support staff.

We asked our 'Women In STEM' pupils for their role model:

"Professor Sarah Gilbert’s groundbreaking work on the Oxford/ Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine recently won her the prestigious RSA Albert Medal. Her amazing work, towards a global common goal, is inspiring to all women looking towards a future in STEM." - Upper Sixth Pupil, Jennie

We also asked our sports pupils for their thoughts on the opportunities available to women in competitive sport:

“2020 saw the establishment of an esteemed platform for women’s sport as a result of time for re-evaluation. An increase in the number of televised female events, such as super league netball, women’s premier league football as well as international women’s cricket, exhibits role models for girls of all ages, in turn increasing overall participation and a wider acceptance of women’s sports.” - Girls’ Netball, Lucy (Upper Sixth)

“Recently, it has been good to see Alex Scott becoming a popular tv pundit for football. Over the next decade, it would be great to see more women at every level of sport, not only as athletes but also as referees, coaches, managers, pundits, commentators and other professional roles.” - Girls' Hockey, Hannah (Upper Sixth)

On International Women's Day and every day, we appreciate all women!