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Katie trains a hearing dog for deaf people.

St Peter's 13-18

Katie trains a hearing dog for deaf people.

Training lab (2)

Over the past two years, Katie (Fourth Form) has helped to train, Alba, a golden Labrador, to be a hearing dog for deaf people.

Alba has passed all her exams and is now an official Assistance Dog! Now Alba is allowed to go anywhere.

Thanks to Katie's hard work and dedication, Alba has passed her exams with flying colours and has been nominated to become a child’s dog, which has very stringent guidelines, so Katie and her family are doubly proud! 

Alba will go to an 11-year-old boy who is profoundly deaf. Alba will wake him up on a morning to the alarm clock. She will go with him everywhere and her jacket will alert people to the fact he is deaf. Alba will alert him to the doorbell, fire alarm, smoke alarm and will let him know when his mum needs him.

Alba will be his constant companion, sleeping in his room, to ensure he feels safe, happy and confident. It is a bittersweet moment for Katie and her family who have trained Alba for the past two years - but also knowing Alba will be a “life changer “ for her new owner.