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Upper Sixth experience a wonderful return to theatre

St Peter's 13-18

Upper Sixth experience a wonderful return to theatre

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On Friday 24 September, Our Upper Sixth English pupils were able to make their first ‘live’ trip to the theatre since before lockdown, to see the ‘undead’ spectacle of a comedic version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The pupils saw ‘Dracula: The Bloody Truth’ performed by La Navet Bete at York Theatre Royal. It was a fantastic, funny show and a wonderful return to the theatre. 

Brooke (Upper Sixth) said: "The appearance of the ‘Bloofer Lady’ was one of my favourite parts of the play as the actor entered the stage covered head to toe in talcum powder, creating an exceptionally realistic representation of a vampiric Lucy Westenra. Not only did this create laughter among the audience, but also a comedically timed sneeze (from one of our own pupils!). The actors’ improvised reaction when a disruption like this happened is just one example of the way this performance engaged and involved the audience from start to finish. From Jonathan eating his paprika chicken, to the not so accurate death of Dracula, the play effectively created gasps, laughs, and even sneezes throughout."