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Public Lecture Series Returns

St Peter's 13-18

Public Lecture Series Returns

Dr Erica McAlister

St Peter’s School’s public lecture series has made a welcome return, with an engaging talk from Dr Erica McAlister about the wonderful world of flies. 

Dr Erica McAlister, Senior Curator at the Natural History Museum in London, revealed the fascinating lives of the flies who live in our gardens and the important role they play in the natural world. We discovered that there are over 4 million flies in the Natural History Museum collection, that there are 7,000 species of fly in the UK, and that there are 17 million flies for every person on earth! 

The free lecture, entitled ‘The Small Things That Matter’, was held on Friday 8 October at 7pm in the Memorial Hall at St Peter’s School. 

Mr Andy Parr, who coordinates the school’s Science Outreach programme, said: 'Dr McAlister is a terrific scientist and a superb speaker. She shared some mind-blowing insights into the world of the fly with us. This was an exciting re-start to the lecture series at St Peter's and we are really privileged that Erica has been able to join us.' 

Dr Erica McAlister said: "I first visited St Peter's two years ago for the 'New Networks for Nature' event. This is my first face to face lecture since lockdown, and it is wonderful to be speaking at St Peter's again."

St Peter’s offers a series of free public lectures throughout the year. 

Dr McAlister and Andy Parr