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Blood, Sweat and Carbon – A Solar Challenge

Blood, Sweat and Carbon – A Solar Challenge

On Tuesday 1 March at 7pm, Old Peterite Oliver Headlam-Morley will deliver a lecture called ‘Blood, Sweat and Carbon – A Solar Challenge’.

Blood, Sweat and Carbon – A Solar Challenge

Blood, Sweat and Carbon – A Solar Challenge

From its humble origins in 1987, the World Solar Challenge has become the ultimate solar endurance event. A 3000km race across the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide, it has captured the imagination of students and the wider public globally. The teams from across the globe have pushed the boundaries of innovation to the absolute limit, and the race itself is a proving ground for many future car technologies.

Durham University Electric Motorsport is a student-led society that designs, builds and races electric vehicles. Having recently returned from the World Solar Challenge, they will detail their experiences crossing the Australian Outback, and the engineering challenges involved in building a solar powered vehicle. Finally, the team will offer a glimpse into their exciting future ambitions.

Tickets for the lecture are free and are available on our Eventbrite page. If you have any enquiries or accessibility requirements please telephone us on 01904 527315 or email

Please either print off your ticket or display it to us on your smartphone or tablet on the evening.

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The Car

The car

The World Solar Challenge is a 3000km race from Darwin in the North of Australia, to Adelaide in the South. It is held every two years and sees teams from across the globe compete. With modern solar cars traveling at ever faster speeds the competition is fierce and hard-fought.

DUEM was founded in 2002 and from its creation has been designing solar powered cars. Our latest car is made from a carbon-fibre monocoque making it incredibly light whilst retaining superb strength. The car is powered by a 6 square metre silicon solar array that drives an in-hub motor which is designed and manufactured in house by current team members.

All aspects of the society are led by students, from the design of components to approaching companies for sponsorship. It is a challenge that sees university students from all degrees come together in order to compete on an international stage.

About the Speaker

Oliver Headlam-Morley

Oliver is an Old Peterite who graduated from St Peter’s in 2013. He currently studies General engineering at Durham University and is in his third year. He is the team principal of Durham University Electric Motorsport and was part of the team who helped design, build and race the society’s current solar car in Australia.