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The Grand Challenge of Fusion Energy

The Grand Challenge of Fusion Energy

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Our public Lecture series continues at 7pm on Thursday 24 September as part of YorNight with Professor Howard Wilson speaking on 'The Grand Challenge of Fusion Energy'.

Fusion is the process that powers the stars, including our own star - the Sun. It is attractive as an energy source because there is effectively an infinite supply of fuel, it is inherently safe, produces no greenhouse gas emissions, has no long-lived waste and would be economically competitive.  However, achieving the conditions for fusion at very high temperatures is extremely challenging. In these temperatures, the fuel is in a fourth state of matter, called plasma.

In this talk, Professor Howard Wilson will describe our progress towards holding the plasma fuel as well as examining the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor that will allow us to address the final scientific questions that will enable the construction of the first demonstration fusion power plant.

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The Grand Challenge of Fusion Energy

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Professor Howard Wilson is a leading theoretical plasma physicist Director of York Plasma Institute. He has been at the University of York since 2005.