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11 April 2020

St Peter's 13-18

11 April 2020



Over the last few years, I have grown increasingly fond of thinking of myself as an incubator not a procrastinator. Many of us will, I guess, lament our own habit of putting off today what we hope can just as easily be done tomorrow. And so we see as our procrastination as small character flaw that we just have to bear. But the psychologist Robert Biswas-Diener asks, what if we could learn to see ourselves differently and treat ourselves a little more gently and generously. What if I could accept that perhaps the greatest works of creativity come only after sufficient time incubating ideas. Amazing happens only when we first dream big dreams in silence.

Way back in the Old Testament we find the story of Joseph. Sold by his brothers into slavery and falsely accused of a crime, Joseph finds himself in the silence of a prison cell. Here he slowly learns to interpret the dreams of his fellow prisoners. In these moments, God equips him to eventually interpret the dreams of Pharaoh and he goes on to be governor of all Egypt. Joseph’s silent dreaming eventually leads to him giving the rest of his life to the hope of creating a better world.

History records that some of the most world-changing ideas have come when people have lived out their dreams. Einstein’s theory of relativity was published in his twenties but the idea is said to have come to him in a dream as a teenager. James Watson is said to have first seen the shape of DNA in a dream of a double-sided staircase. Google was first set up after Larry Page dreamt that he could download the internet onto an old computer. Amazing happens only when we first dream big dreams in silence.

Today is Holy Saturday when Christians remember Jesus’ body simply laying in the tomb. Today we have neither the darkness of Good Friday nor the triumph of Easter Sunday. It would be easy to think of today as a day of nothingness but Holy Saturday is a moment of silence on which the whole Christian story pivots. Yes, creativity is never without cost but this is a moment in which God is incubating God’s most amazing idea: the idea of a world renewed. Today, God is dreaming big dreams in silence.

Keep silence with me and allow yourself to dream for a moment. I pray that you too might hear God calling you to see things differently and then to give your life to creating something amazing.  

Shalom always,