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General appearance

St Peter's 13-18

General appearance

Our aim is that:

  • Pupils should be smartly dressed.
  • Clothes should be functionally sensible and comfortable.

Name Tapes

All school clothing should be marked with name tapes. This can be done by the uniform providers, ‘School Blazer’. Shoes/Rugby/hockey boots/trainers should also be marked with the pupil’s name.


All pupils should have natural hair colouring. It should be tidy in appearance.

Long hair must be tied back for games, science, art and DT. Boys’ hair must not be cut shorter than a number three grade nor be longer than the collar.


Girls in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms are not permitted to wear make-up though it is understood that they may wear concealer/ foundation.  Nail varnish may not be worn.


Girls and boys in Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms may wear a watch. Girls may wear one pair of plain stud earrings (in the ear lobe). Bracelets, rings and necklaces should not be worn.