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Uniform Lists

St Peter's 13-18

Uniform Lists

Third, Fourth and Fifth Form Uniform Lists

Sixth Form Uniform Lists

Informal Dress – Extra Notes for Boarders

Boarders at weekends and in the evenings may wear clothes of their own choice and this also applies when they are travelling to and from school on exeat and at the beginning and end of term. Housemasters /mistresses will not allow any clothes which are scruffy or ostentatious.

* Name tapes should be given to Matron to mark any non-regulation clothing.

  • All articles brought to School must be in good repair and marked with name and initials with name tapes.
  • Non-regulation clothing must be marked in the same way as regulation clothing.
  • Socks, shirts, vests and pants MUST be suitable for mechanical laundering.
  • A weekly dry-cleaning service is available – charges per item are added separately to the school account.
  • It is strongly recommended that no expensive items of clothing or valuable breakables should be brought into School.


Additional Uniform Requirements

School scarves (optional) are available for purchase and may be worn outside School buildings during cold weather. Coats/anoraks worn to and from School should be smart and not scruffy or ostentatious.

Regulation items should be purchased from our online supplier, ‘School Blazer’.

The numbers shown for individual items are boarders’ requirements. Day pupils may require less.

Formal Occasions

For formal occasions such as the Carol Service and Commemoration pupils must ensure that their uniform is looking at its ‘best’ i.e. clean, pressed and shoes polished.


Plain black polo shirts are standard wear for performing in most concerts - they are available to purchase from School Blazer.

Games and Co-Curricular

Each sport requires its own specific clothing but we attempt to keep demands simple. Special games/activities may require special equipment (e.g. squash, rock climbing, rowing).

Please note:

  • Any House kit is an optional extra.
  • All articles must be in good repair.

Gum Shields for Rugby and Hockey

In the light of legal and medical information available in respect of good practice, the wearing of gum shields for rugby and hockey is compulsory at St Peter’s School.

Parents of all new pupils to the School are responsible for ensuring that their child has a dentist-fitted gum shield.

If there is a compelling reason why your son/daughter should not wear a gum shield please contact the House Master or House Mistress in writing before term begins.

Shin Pads

Both boys and girls require shin pads for hockey.

Rugby Studs

In order to ensure the safety of players the Rugby Union has made mandatory the following rules, they should be borne in mind when purchasing boots.

  • Studs on a player’s boots must conform to the British Standard BS 6366:1983. The studs must display the Kite Mark.
  • The wearing of a single stud at the toe of the boot is prohibited.
  • Moulded rubber multi-studded soled boots are acceptable.
  • Vulcanised Rubber Ridged Sole boots (Blades) are now acceptable.

Football boots are acceptable providing the studs conform to the laws above. (They almost without exception, require the normal studs to be changed to safety studs).

Beware: Some rugby boots are sold that do not conform to the safety stud standards. Check in the shop before you make your purchase.

Rowing Kit

Third Form

Boat Club Black T-shirt with crest. Supplied by the Boat Club and cost will be added to school bill. Otherwise, normal dark shorts and school track suit.

Fourth Form and above

Regulation ‘all in one’ lycra rowing suit is compulsory for competitions. Leggings and long-sleeved performance top are essential for winter rowing. Track suits, hoodies and other kit available.

Ordering and Payment

This is done by parents on-line, in December and June, with a six week delivery time. Kit required for September needs to be ordered in June. Click here for more details.