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St Peter's 13-18

Sixth Form

Dress codeSixth Form Dress Code 

Sixth Form Dress Code must be smart, practical, formal and business like at all times during the working school day. 

  • Suits - Suits must be tailored, smart and cut for a formal work environment. They are required to be black, grey or dark blue in colour and may have a discreet pattern. Jackets and trousers must be of a conventional cut. 
  • Suit Skirts / Trousers - Skirts and trousers must match the jacket as part of a suit. Skirt length is required to be on the knee. Trousers must be proper tailored suit trousers.
  • Waistcoats - A formal waistcoat which matches the suit jacket and trousers / skirt may be worn. 
  • Suit Dresses - Plain, dark suit dresses may be worn with matching jackets. 
  • Shirts - Boys must wear a formal shirt and tie of their choice. Girls must wear a formal buttoned shirt. All shirts must have sleeves. Shirts can be striped but must not have large / bold patterns. Shirts are required to be tucked in at the waist or tailored to fit over the skirt / trouser but not below the jacket. 
  • Jumpers - Fine v-neck jumpers may be worn underneath jackets. They must be plain, not patterned.
  • Tights - Plain black, brown or dark blue and opaque. 
  • Make up - Make up must be discreet.
  • Nail Varnish - Nail varnish must be of one colour, pastel or neutral colours only.
  • Jewellery (Girls Only) - Jewellery may be worn and should be discreet, including one necklace, one ring per hand and stud earrings. 
  • Scarves - Scarves must be worn outside only.
  • Hair - Hair must be tidy and of a natural colour. Boys' hair must be neat and of an appropriate length. 
  • Shoes - Formal dark smart shoes must be worn, with proper backs. Heels must be of a suitable height for walking around school - wedges, stiletto heels and boots are not permitted. 
  • Additional notes - Boys must be clean shaven. Facial / body piercings are not appropriate for school and shoud not be visible. 

All Sixth Formers are required to adhere to the dress code. The responsibility lies with the individual to get it right and to follow the school's view of what is appropriate in any case of doubt.

Download our Sixth Form Dress Code 2020-2021 for further notes and guidance.

Games Clothing Requirements for Sixth Form

The requirements for co-curricular sporting activities will differ depending on the options you choose.

  • If you are a Team games player i.e rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, tennis etc then you can order your kit here.
  • If you opt for activities in our active program i.e badminton, running, basketball etc then you can order your kit on the School Blazer website.
  • New 6th formers joining the school will require certain kit dependant upon the activity chosen.
  • Team games training kit to be purchased through the Hardgear web site (Canterbury brand), other activities through School Blazer or a combination of both. For example girls hockey would have to purchase skort and socks through School Blazer and training kit through Hardgear.

Extras for Boarders

7 x pairs of underwear
Pyjamas or equivalent
1 x Dressing gown (if wanted)
1 x Sponge bag with toilet accessories
1 x Shoe cleaning equipment
1 x Bedroom slippers or flip flops (for wear around house and to/from showers)
2 x Large coloured towels
1 x Duvet (school can provide, but personal ones are often preferred)
2 x Duvet covers (School can provide, but personal ones are often preferred)
1 x Hairdryer (if required)
Spare name tapes

All items of personal clothing should be named.