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Reports and Interim Reports

St Peter's 13-18

Reports and Interim Reports

Your child will be regularly monitored either through an end of term report or an interim report, both of which are placed in a secure area for you to access in the parent portal. You will be notified of your login details during your son/daughter’s first term at school.

The end of term reports are fuller in their content than the interim reports which are designed to give you and your son/daughter’s Tutor and Housemaster/mistress regular updates on their progress.

For Third and Fourth Form, interim reports give effort grades: E = Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, C = Concern, U = Unsatisfactory and a brief comment from subject teachers and Pastoral Tutor.  For those in the Fifth and Sixth Forms, an attainment grade is also given.

Through this frequent monitoring of your son/daughter’s progress any problems which occur will be picked up at an early stage. The Academic Deputy is Mr Duncan Gillies, who is in charge of all academic matters.