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The Listening Space

St Peter's 13-18

The Listening Space

Listening spaceWhat is The Listening Space?
The Listening Space is a safe space for any pupil to talk through their feelings and experiences in confidence and without judgment.

In The Listening Space, pupils will speak on a one-to-one basis with a Listener, who will value and appreciate their concerns. Pupils might be asked open questions and could be offered some simple words of advice

The Listening Space is not counselling, but it can help individuals to find their own way forward. 

When is The Listening Space open?
The Listening Space is open at a variety of times during the week. Availability of the service will be circulated to and displayed by Houses at the start of each term. 

Where is the Listening Space?
The Listening Space has its own room within the Careers Department.

How can pupils book an appointment?
Pupils can book appointments for The Listening Space by emailing or they can attend on a drop-in basis (as long as there is a Listener free at that time).  A poster with details of how to book or drop-in will be displayed in each House.

Who are the listeners?
Mr. Simon Gowland
Rev. Jones
Mrs. Joy Loftus
Mr. Jon Whitehouse
Mrs. Kaeli Wishart