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St Peter's 13-18


HistoryThe Course

The History course allows us to study from a range of different countries and periods and will, therefore, offer a wider perspective on the nature of history than suggested by studying a single period alone. It is the breadth of the course which is the real strength of what we offer and best prepares our pupils for further study at university in history or other fields.

The course has three components to it. The first is a Breadth Study focusing on The British Empire c.1857-1967. This is wide-ranging course encompassing political, social, cultural and economic history. The second component is the Depth Study in which we intend to focus on modern America, 1945 – c.1980. The first part of the course focusses on domestic issues (such as the Civil Rights movement) and the second half focusses on foreign policy (the Cold War, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam etc.) The final component is an independent study which can be on a topic entirely of the pupil’s own choosing.


  • Component 1 - 2hr 30m written
    The Tudors: England 1485 -1509 - 40%
  • Component 2 - 2hr 30m written
    The American Dream: Reality and Illusion, 1945-c.1980 - 40%
  • Component 3 - Personal Study 3000-3500 words
    Historical Investigations – Topic of pupils’ choice - 20%

Examination Board: AQA

Additional Notes

Candidates need not have taken GCSE History in order to do well at A-level. Rather, pupils need both the ability to write competently and have an enjoyment of reading.