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Welcome to Sixth Form

St Peter's 13-18

Welcome to Sixth Form

Mrs Mallard
Pupils in the Sixth Form are at the very heart of our happy, thriving community here at St Peter’s.

Mrs Mallard, Head of Sixth Form

Independence is the keystone around which the life of a Sixth Former at St Peter’s is built. The Sixth Form is an important part of our school, where each individual is offered the opportunity to embrace all that the school offers, whilst also finding their own sense of independence through new opportunities to lead, innovate and contribute.

Pupils are supported throughout this process by a dedicated team guiding and nurturing them through this important period of transition and development. We are very proud of our sense of community and the care and guidance offered to our Sixth Form by our extremely strong pastoral system, led by our team of House staff.

All Sixth Form pupils, whether new to the school or moving into the 6th form from our current senior school, will very quickly feel part of our distinct, warm and collegiate community. Pupils are prepared during their two years in the Sixth Form to take their place in the wider world; they are guided by the Head of Sixth Form, our Higher Education and Careers department– alongside their houseparent, tutor and teaching staff. This team support, advise and prepare all pupils to be able to tackle their next steps beyond St Peter’s with the necessary skills, resilience and confidence they need.

Our Sixth Form curriculum has been created to give pupils a wide breadth of learning through both their A level studies and co-curricular activities. Intellectual curiosity is what drives Sixth Form academic study; pupils work alongside dedicated, enthusiastic staff in order to look in depth at their chosen subjects. Pupils also take part in our rich and varied co-curricular programme - and alongside their lessons, all participate in our own Sixth Form Enrichment Programme (StEP) which has been designed to guide, excite and prepare pupils for their next steps beyond St Peter’s.

Sixth Form is an exciting time in a young person’s life and so we hope, beyond everything else, to instil a sense of fun and community in all we do, ensuring that our brilliant young people enjoy their time here with us and that they leave St Peter’s confidently prepared and supported for life and study beyond.

Mrs Mallard
Head of Sixth Form