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Mission & values

St Peter's 2-8

Mission & values

St Peter's Children

St Peter's aims to encourage, nurture and challenge our pupils to maximise their potential.

We prepare them academically, socially and spiritually to take a constructive role in modern society. We do this by giving our youngsters a high quality day education, and promoting excellence and high standards in all areas of school life within a clear framework of pastoral care and support.

The Seven Values

The School's Seven Values are for each and every member of the St Peter’s School community to practise – pupils, parents, governors, teaching and support staff, across the three schools.

Friendship: To be a welcoming, caring and inclusive community in which we can all feel valued and grow in confidence.

Trust: To speak with honesty and conviction, to listen carefully and openly, and promote strong relationships of trust and loyalty.

Wisdom: To develop enquiring minds and a lifelong love of learning, and provide the inspiration to achieve, through creative teaching and a breadth of extra-curricular opportunity.

Compassion: To encourage self-respect, care for others and an active interest in the world beyond the school.

Endurance: To work hard and participate with whole-hearted commitment and resilience, reflecting on our disappointments and short-comings with honesty.

Humility: To conduct ourselves with generosity of spirit, praising effort and fair play and celebrating our successes with modesty.

Hope: To prepare for the future, always seeking to improve, and approaching each challenge and opportunity with energy and optimism.