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Animals in Tuition

St Peter's 2-8

Animals in Tuition

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Animals in Tuition visited Year 2 today to hold snakes, tarantulas, hedgehogs and leopard geckos. Pupils held woodland animals relevant to the area they are studying as part of their latest theme The Wind in The Willows.

Pupils were patient and sat quietly for the more-timid visitors, including the Welch African Pygmy Hedgehog. Animals in Tuition taught the children how each of us can help save hedgehogs. So you may find your child in the garden this weekend with dry cat food building a new home for their new favourite animal. The host said, “The deeper message we need to get across is that we need to save our animals.”

Zak was brave and held a snake, and remained calm even when it climbed into his jumper pocket! The cold-blooded snake was only trying to keep warm. The children even left the session liking tarantulas as spiders work hard to keep our homes bug and fly free.