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Clifton stop single-use plastic water bottles

St Peter's 2-8

Clifton stop single-use plastic water bottles

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After a delegation from a very enthusiastic Clifton primary school council late last year, we decided to stop the use of single-use plastic water bottles in CPS. On Monday the children in Clifton received their own personal water bottle.

The introduction of the school water bottles was as a result of an initiative brought to Clifton School Council by one of it's members.  The children were very concerned about the use of single-use plastic in our school particularly on trips and sports fixtures.  They researched the effect of plastic on our world and how many single use plastic water bottles we used in school, this was over 4000 a year! As well as the use of disposable plastic cups and dishes in the kitchens.

The Council devised a petition and collected over 500 signatures from in and around school, including Mr Walker's and Dr Helen Sharman's when she visited St Peter's. The whole of council took all this information to the school Bursar who was very shocked! Every school council member presented a fact to him, bearing in mind the children are aged between 5 -8 years old, he was very impressed. We also gave him our ideas on how we might be able to address this problem by looking at water bottles, re-cycling in school and reducing the use of disposable plastic items in the kitchens. He asked us to re-visit in a couple of weeks when he'd had chance to consider everything the children had presented to him.

This resulted in the launch of the multi-use water bottle for every child in Clifton, supported by the Bursar and General Catering Manager, Mr Robinson.

Mr Robinson said, "The school council delivered a petition and a wonderful presentation". He congratulates Clifton school Council on their effort and says the next job is to do something similar in St Olave's and St Peter's.

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