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Amazon Adventure in a Virtual Reality

St Peter's 2-8

Amazon Adventure in a Virtual Reality

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Year 3 Pupils went on an ‘Amazon Adventure’ this afternoon using virtual reality to explore different habitats and deforestation in the Borneo rainforest.

The children were given boarding cards to ‘destination Borneo rainforest’. Year 3 were taken through various scenes spotting Amazon animals including python snakes, praying mantises, rhino beetles and gorillas. You could hear excited pupils screaming ‘Ted you are a massive bush!’ and ‘I can’t see my legs!’.

Pupils were learning the difference between understory layers, forest floors, and canopies and what animals live in these habitats. They also had to name the animals and guess how their distinctive features would help to protect them in the rainforest.

Clifton children were asked to write down ‘one thing I will never forget’. Answers included how a praying mantis can turn its head 180 degrees and is the only insect that can do so!

When asked what we have in common with gorillas one pupil said ‘they have fur, just like us, apart from when we go bald’.

Toward the end of the class, pupils were shown the scenes of the rich, dense rainforest after it has been chopped down. They learnt about the damaging impact of climate change, the removal of trees and the effect this has on habitats and animals’ lives, and ultimately the loss of Borneo’s endemic species. The children were asked to picture what they think the rainforests of the world will look like in 25 years’ time and what we can do to help.