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New Learning Themes

St Peter's 2-8

New Learning Themes

New theme (2)

Every term pupils aged 2-8 at St Peter’s School and Nursery have a new and exciting theme. Each theme is chosen to inspire and motivate the children and encourage them to invest in their learning. 

Year 1’s theme Tribal Classroom will focus on a range of skills including developing resilience, collaboration, empathy and building relationships within their classes, year group and the wider community. Within this theme pupils will be exploring philosophical concepts, including belonging, discrimination, compassion, and community. The children will learn about different traditions and cultures from around the world, including indigenous populations and a variety of seasonal festivals. 

Year 2 will embrace their theme through literacy and this term the theme is ‘The Firebird’! Year 2 will look for nouns within extracts from the story and learn the difference between a common and a proper noun. Phonics will also be taught alongside grammar. Children are encouraged to explore and write in different genres throughout the year including stories, letters, diary entries, instructions and poetry. Reading continues to be a vital part of the whole curriculum. Year 2 will explore a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts and the children will have opportunities to read aloud and to be read to.

Pupils will also write letters to the Firebird, recounts of events, instructions for baking, character descriptions and poetry. They will learn how to use adjectives and adverbs and how to use exciting punctuation to extend written work. Year 2 will also be doing drama and even experimenting with a little dance! 

Year 3 have chosen ‘Resilient Romans’ as this year’s theme. Pupils’ learning will be underpinned by the curriculum, which will be delivered through the theme.