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Batty About Bats

St Peter's 2-8

Batty About Bats

Bat Habitat

Jonathan in Year 2 will feature in the next edition of The Young Batworker Magazine, after he impressed the Bat Conservation Trust with his bat habitat design.

Year 2 have been learning about the natural world this term, including hibernation. The children were asked to research an animal of their choice which hibernates. After producing an information sheet, they then made a habitat box based on the same animal in their art lesson. 

Jonathan chose to focus on the vampire bat, one of his favourite animals. He created a detailed fact sheet and designed a cave habitat, complete with hibernating origami bats. 

After seeing the photos of Jonathan's bat habitat on Twitter, the Bat Conservation Trust contacted St Peter's School and asked if they could feature Jonathan's design in the next edition of The Young Batworker Magazine.

Jonathan is delighted at the thought of appearing in the magazine: "I am so happy to know that my habitat project is going to be in the Young Batworker. I chose bats because they are really cool, they are the only mammals that can fly, they use echo location and they hibernate. And I chose the vampire bat because their diet is only blood. Bats are an important part of our world." 

Jonathan has always loved bats and one of his favourite superheroes is Batman. Look out for a special appearance from Batman in Jonathan's bat habitat.

Bat Habitat 2