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On the road to Africa

St Peter's 2-8

On the road to Africa

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What a fantastic term of fun Year 3 have had on their journey to South Africa!

The Boy Who Biked the World has been the learning theme's core text, and the pupils certainly had an amazing time exploring the countries that Tom, the main character, visited as he cycled all the way from his hometown to magical South Africa.

As they journeyed through Europe, pupils baked French baguettes and explored the work of wonderful European artists including Paul Cezanne and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The children journeyed down the delightful Danube River, exploring the wonderful sights in Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna!

Turkey was their next stop! They were amazed by the majestic Blue Mosque in Istanbul and enjoyed learning about Islam. Year 3 watched in awe as they journeyed across the Cappadocia region on a hot air balloon and were inspired to create their own sunset collages of the fantastic fairy chimneys there!

As the pupils made their way down Africa they learnt about the Ancient Egyptians as they followed the River Nile. A highlight of the journey was definitely Kenya! The children explored the diverse landscapes, from busy cities to national parks, that are found within the country, and they inspired the pupils to create fabulous writing and artwork, including creating their own Masai Shields. The children watched footage of the Great wildebeest migration as their journey continued into Tanzania and they loved creating their own Tinga Tinga art!

Year 3 ended their topic in the wonderful port city of Cape Town! What an amazing adventure

“I loved trying out new food because it was all delicious!" - Zac

“I loved mummifying Zac!” - Eliza

“I loved taking out Zac’s organs when we mummified him (only pretend!)” - Teddy

“Tinga Tinga art was great fun!” - Liam

“I had great fun learning about Turkey and baking un kurabiyesi!” - Raif