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New Learning Themes for St Peter's 2-8

St Peter's 2-8

New Learning Themes for St Peter's 2-8

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Every term St Peter's 2-8 pupils are introduced to a new and exciting learning theme. Each theme is chosen to inspire and motivate the children and encourage them to invest in their learning.

Year 1's learning theme is based on their term's class text Fortunately the Milk.
This term Year 1 will enjoy:

  • An exciting trip to Whitby Museum and Runswick Bay
  • Making dinosaur poo (yuck!) and learning about the diets of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores
  • Using watercolours to create silhouette art
  • Write like a pirate
  • Building habitats
  • Sketching characters using ratio and proportion
  • Dinosaur fact files
  • Using observational skills to study items from the past

Year 2's learning theme is Ye Olde York. This term Year 2 will:

  • Journey back in time to find out who founded the city of York.

  • Learn about everyday life for the people who lived in and ruled the city.

  • Explore the city of York through the Roman, Viking, Georgian and Victorian periods.

  • Explore the architecture, landmarks and artefacts past settlers left behind.

  • Understand what is meant by chronological order.

  • Find out about the famous characters who have lived in York.

  • Investigate food, materials and transport, through the ages.

  • Experience what life was like throughout history in our city.

Year 3's learning theme is Narnia and their class text is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis. Linking to their Narnia topic, Year 3 have these exciting events coming up this term!:

  • A visit to Murton Park
  • Learning about the War, evacuation, rationing and air raids
  • Discovering more about habitats and different environments
  • Creating their own mysterious world
  • Baking and tasting a variety of foods linked to the story
  • Carrying out a range of science experiments based on freezing and melting
  • STEM dam building
  • Drama activities based on different chapters in the story
  • Keeping diary entries based on their journey
  • Designing and sewing their own handkerchiefs
  • Using maps to navigate their way around the world and create their own maps
  • Developing survival skills and techniques for living in Narnia 
  • Using clay and a variety of media to create characters 
  • Making fires at Forest School and using these to cook things
  • Using famous artists' styles to inspire our artwork
  • Creative writing based on their exciting journey
  • Sending postcards to loved ones from the various places we will be visiting

How exciting! We can't wait to see how their learning journey develops over the course of the term.