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Year 3 Visit Murton Park

St Peter's 2-8

Year 3 Visit Murton Park

WW2 Murton Park 4

Year 3 have had a fantastic start to the new academic year.

The pupils have been eager to explore their new theme, Narnia, based on the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The story begins with four children finding themselves in the countryside having been evacuated from London during the Second World War. To get an idea of what it would have been like for children in Britain during this time, the children went to Murton Park to experience first-hand life on the ‘Home Front’. They even dressed as evacuees!

The children kept busy doing the washing (by hand!) and making rag rugs. They even had to put blast tape on the windows to help put out fires! Luckily there were biscuits and cocoa on hand to help Year 3 get through the endless list of chores!

The pupils had to listen carefully for the air raid siren and make sure they found their way to the shelters quickly. They also found out that it wasn’t that pleasant to wear a gas mask during our gas mask training session!

It was a fantastic day, but it didn't stop there... At Forest School, pupils explored the woodland, finding lots of fascinating insects and plants as well climbing trees and making dens, just like evacuees would have done when they arrived in the countryside. They also created their own amazing propaganda posters to help persuade wartime Britain to ‘Make Do and Mend’ and 'Dig for Victory'. Year 3 also worked in teams to make their own model Anderson Shelters and bake rock cakes with rationing in mind.

What a fabulous first week back... Well done Year 3!