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Year 1 Visit Whitby

St Peter's 2-8

Year 1 Visit Whitby

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On Thursday, Year 1 went on their first school trip to Runswick Bay and Whitby Museum.

The children arrived at Runswick Bay to be greeted by a beautiful beach and sunshine. The children sat on the sand, took off their shoes and socks and felt the sand between their toes. The children had lots of fun making sandcastles and digging in the sand!

The giggles, excitement and squeals from the children whilst they paddled in the sea were amazing! Year 1 worked collaboratively to identify fossils and ammonites in the rocks. It was quite tricky to do as many rocks and stones have beautiful patterns on them but they did not give up! The pupils found several ammonites. 

After the beach Year 1 visited the Whitby Museum. The children explored the Fossil and Shipping wings in the Museum. The children could not believe the size of some of the fossils and discovered that there are many different types of fossils and ships in the world. After exploring the Museum, the children played on the playground which even had a Pirate ship!

"The enjoyment on the children’s faces was nothing short of magic!" - Mr Allen