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Friends of St Peter's 8-13

The Friends are a thriving and well supported PTA at St Peter's 8-13. The Friends of St Peter's 8-13 (previously known as the Friends of St Olave's) is a committee made up of parents of pupils at the school.

Their role is to encourage closer links between parents, staff and pupils and to generate some money through events. These events provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to meet on a social basis, get to know new people and have some fun. Any proceeds from events either go to the nominated School charity for the year, or to buy items for the School.

The Friends of St Peter's 8-13 committee decide how to spend Friends of St Peter's 8-13 funds.

Who is on the Committee?

Committee Members 2019/2020

Andy Falconer        President
Faye Glyn-Mills      Chair         
Gilly England          Secretary/Treasurer
Mike Ferguson
Marie Grant
Charlotte Jones
Estelle Philips
Sarah Wheelhouse
Jo Deri-Clark
Helen Hopwood
Andy Jones
Sallyann Bramley
Susie Fields
Andrea Brook
Jackie Oliver

The Friends of St Peter's 8-13 usually meets twice a term to discuss and organise fundraising events, and to discuss finances and purchases.

Membership of the Committee

If you would like to join the Friends of St Peter's 8-13 then please speak to either Mr Falconer or Faye Glyn-Mills.

How can I help the Friends of St Peter's 8-13?

There are many ways you can help with the Friends of St Peter's 8-13. The best way of supporting is to attend the events with your family. This will help the Friends of St Peter's 8-13 raise money and also provide an opportunity for you to have some fun and get together socially with other parents, pupils and members of staff. Look out for a Friends of St Peter's 8-13 update in the St Peter's 8-13 fortnightly Newsletter. You may also be able to help by baking cakes or serving refreshments at some events. Information will be detailed in the newsletter.

We hope this webpage provides useful information to you as we organise our fund-raising events. Please do keep visiting this page for the latest Friends of St Peter's 8-13 news and information. In addition, let us know if you have any great ideas for events - we'd love to hear them.

You can contact the Friends by emailing them at