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Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one

Malcolm Forbes

You will find in this section a list of all the key departments at St Peter's and a brief description of each Department’s aims, or an overview of the curriculum covered.

Being an 8-13 school means that secondary subject specialisation is to be found throughout the school, giving higher quality of teaching to that normally found in the early years. Languages and Latin, for example, are an integral part of our pre-11 curriculum.

The curriculum expands and develops throughout the five St Peter's 8-13 years with subjects being added and new methods introduced, thus preparing pupils for the more formalised study routines of the Senior School.

The first year (Year 4) is largely taught by the general class teacher and for the first two years the children are mostly based in their own form rooms. Specialist teaching is gradually introduced and by the third year pupils are moving from subject to subject in the various departments.

A broad range of subjects are taught, including  English, Mathematics, Science (with Physics, Chemistry and Biology being taught as discrete subjects in the final two years), History, Geography, Drama, Art, Physical Education and Games, Music, Design and Technology, Information Technology, Religious Studies, IT and PSHEE.

An introduction to Modern Foreign Languages through a language awareness programme (Spanish, German and French) is taught in the first two years (Years 4 and 5). This enables cultural as well as linguistic exploration. More formal teaching is introduced in the third year (Year 6), at the end of which pupils will choose two languages to continue in the fourth and fifth years (Year 7 and 8).

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHEE) is an important subject taught weekly at all ages.

Each class also has a weekly lesson in our very well stocked library, run by a full time, qualified librarian.