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Pupils from St Peter's 8-13 were invited to create their own myth as part of their Classics lessons. Below are three examples of some of the work our pupils produced.

I Think You Owe Me Your Sun Chariot Apollo
by Annabel

I Think You Owe Me Your Sun Chariot

Meet me at Midnight
by Scarlett

Meet me at MidnightMaidens, meet me in my forest where the moon shines its light,
Where we will love the stars to honestly to be fearful of the night.
For I have magic in my eyes, where the shinning arrows fly back.
You can throw me to the wolves but I’ll be leading the pack.

Around the willow branches, many a spirit weaves,
Dancing in my moonlight, around the oldened trees.
On the moss bed we rest now my chariot has crossed the sky.
With my lethal arrows next to me, as I sleep and rest and lie.

Meet me at midnight where the moon will dream its dreams.
But even in this tranquil peace, somethings are not as they seem.
For some hunters are not deserving, of their deadly gift.
They will take the purest creatures and their bodies they will lift.

They will tarnish their essence, and dirty their gorgeous spirit
But they have now crossed a goddess, and the aim of my bow is exquisite.
I am strong, I am powerful. You want battle I’ll give you war.
For I am Diana, moon goddess and huntress of them all.

by James

I got home and laid the deer on the table. I sliced the beast open but as I did a man appeared from inside its guts.
 "Mercury!" I cried.
 "I need you to do something for me," I raised my eyebrow in scepticism; he continued.  "It's not hard."
At this he pulled out a denarius and threw it towards me. On its face was a Greek helm, on its tail a temple.
 “What is this?”
 "Just flip the coin." He smiled.
 "I know you, I'm not doing it." Mercury didn't respond, but what happened next scared me. He swung his arm and an image appeared of my brother. He was tied up and unconscious above Mount Vesuvius.
 "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" I screamed.
 "Don't come another step or the sun god will breathe his last." I could do nothing to stop him. Nothing, except flip the coin.

Greece, that's where I was. The statues gave it away. As I gawked at the landscape around me a man approached, in full white robes and long, blond hair.
 "Who are you?'' I demanded.
 "I am Apollo." The young-man said.
My jaw dropped.
 "You're not Apollo! Apollo is my brother, the sun god."
 "OH, I understand." 'Apollo' said and told a story of another pantheon of gods equal to the Romans - the Greeks. He took me to Mount Olympus. Here, I met The Olympians - the most powerful gods; Zeus was king.
 "I have called you here to discuss the existence of the Roman gods, and, the trouble they may cause."
 "What? We want no trouble, though we could crush you." I stated.
 "Interesting… then we must destroy this threat."
Chains wrapped around me; I struggled but could not break free. They burned and burned until I was consumed by darkness.

I awoke to a woman looking like me.
 “Hi, I'm Artemis. I don't want to attack Rome, you have done nothing to offend us." She told me sympathetically.
 “So let me go, I fear war is coming." I pleaded. She then took me to a chamber with nothing but a hearth. Hestia greeted me.
 "I have known of this war…" She whispered. I dismissed the strangeness and we three set off. We dashed across the mountain until we arrived at the temple of Hermes.
 "Hermes, give us the coin!" Hestia demanded. Artemis and I cocked our arrows.
 "No!" Cried Hermes. So we searched until, finally, we found it.
We flipped the coin and were transported straight to Rome. BANG! Buildings crashed, rubble flew; it was chaos.
Roman god against Greek god. Artemis shot an arrow straight through the beard of Zeus, whilst I did the same with Jupiter. Their lightning bolts crashed and everyone stopped.
 "What are we doing?" I screamed "Why are we fighting? For power, for wisdom, for
Kingdoms? Let's stop, this is only going to cause more bloodshed."
And the gods stopped. Mercury was punished for his crimes and Apollo was free.