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StPeters Nov18 75Sport is an important dimension to life at St Peter's 8-13, with all pupils receiving at least four and a half hours of PE or sport a week. We believe it is important that young people enjoy physical exercise and understand the health benefits of being active, promoting an active and balanced lifestyle. Most of all we want pupils to enjoy their sport and to work hard at whatever level they play.

Team sports are important, as pupils learn valuable lessons about teamwork, winning and losing with dignity, determination and hard work.

We aim to cater for all standards and ability levels, with pupils regularly competing in national competitions, but it is also our aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to represent the school each term at an appropriate level. Restrictions can occur due to the availability of equivalent teams from other schools and other constraints but in recent years every child has represented the school in every term. We pick our teams based upon ability to ensure that matches are competitive and that pupils gain an appropriate experience.

We travel to places such as Newcastle, Hull, Leeds and Sheffield in order to get competitive fixtures. Parents are always welcome to come and support their children at both home and away matches.

Our teams sports in Games sessions are rugby, hockey and cricket for the boys, and hockey, netball and rounders for the girls. We also take part in competitive fixtures in swimming, tennis, athletics and cross-country running. Pupils will also have the opportunity to compete in House competitions in various sports, with every child in the school taking part in the Swimming Galas and Sports Day.

Sport is taught by experienced, passionate and well qualified staff, whether they be full-time PE teachers, academic staff with coaching qualifications, or specialist coaches. This ensures that all levels of ability are helped to improve.

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