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Science WeekWhen pupils enter J4 (Year 7), they are introduced to chemistry, biology and physics as separate academic disciplines.

By introducing the individual science disciplines early on in our pupils time at St Olave’s it helps them not only prepare for progressing onto St Peter’s but also gives them the opportunity to build an interest in each discipline and generate their enthusiasm for science as a whole.

St Olave’s pupils are given the opportunity to explore chemistry through a mixture of theory, practical demonstration and hands-on lab work. This approach is designed to generate a genuine interest in the subject, giving the pupils a thirst to explore the topic further. Pupils are often given the chance to share current topics and explore these as part of their lessons. An example of this was the discovery of the latest elements of the periodic table which generated interest in and out of the classroom.

Chemistry teaches a range of transferable skills that the pupils can take with them through to other lessons and disciplines, such as investigative techniques, educated predictions and the analysis of results which can be used in a range of other contexts throughout their lives.