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The John Mitchell Library in 2021

As we currently operate under COVID-19 restrictions with year group bubbles in place, the Library has adapted to keep access to its wide range of resources available to all students at St Peter’s 8-13.

Each year group has its own “Bubble Library” which is regularly refreshed with new stock to keep the selection varied and up to date, reflecting pupil requests and new publications.

Each Bubble Library has its own suggestion box, enabling pupils to request books which are then delivered to them in their Form room. Pupils can browse the online Library catalogue and an online request form is available on the Library’s Olavi site.

Every book is quarantined and cleaned after being returned, before going back into circulation.

All classes have a Library lesson each week which the Librarian attends, where pupils are able to select books from their Bubble Libraries, or ask the Librarian for recommendations or books which may not be in their Bubble Library.


When we are not under COVID-19 restrictions, the Library operates as below:

The John Mitchell Library

The Library supports the whole of St Peter's 8-13, providing an impressive stock of resources housed in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Centrally-located, the Library is spacious, well lit, and conducive to quiet reading and study.

All classes have a lesson in the Library each week when they are able to select books from the broad range of fiction available, from ‘the classics’ to the most up to date publications. An excellent range of non-fiction books and reference books is also available, along with newspapers, magazines and periodicals, and a selection of DVDs.

All pupils receive an induction session at the beginning of the year, and pupils in J3–J5 are trained in how to issue and return books, and how to search the computerised library catalogue.

The library is managed by our full-time Librarian, and always opens during school hours.

Library Assistants

Year 7 and 8 (J4 and J5) pupils may volunteer to assist in the library at break times, becoming part of the Library Assistants Team; helping others to find resources, and with loans and returns. The role of the Pupil Library Assistant is an important and valuable contribution to the library, and the school as a whole. The library is a busy place at break times, where pupils can read books, newspapers and magazines, use the networked computers for school work, do their prep, carry out research or change their fiction books.

Regular author events are organised. Check our News and Events pages for details of these.