In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. Please read our visitor policy before you visit the school.

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Entrance Assessments

All prospective pupils must pass the school’s entrance assessment. 

Our How to Apply page includes further information about Entrance Assessments, including the dates for our forthcoming entrance exams.

The assessments take place at St Peter's 8-13. For families living some distance away, arrangements can be made for the assessments to be administered at the child’s current school with the permission of their Head Teacher.

The entrance assessments will include computer-based maths, English and reasoning tests, a creative writing paper and a group task. We do not expect pupils to prepare or revise for the tests as they are designed to show us how a pupil thinks, rather than what they have covered in the curriculum.