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We have three vegetable planters made out of scrap wood – these are now filled with potatoes and peas and are the responsibility of the J1s. Our vegetable plots have been coming along nicely.

  • We collected over 1000 Morrison 'Get Gardening' vouchers which have bought 3 class sets of gardening equipment for each J1 group.
  • We have an abundance of strawberries, potatoes, garlic, raspberries, rhubarb, blackberries, tomatoes and beans.
  • We work closely with Dave Turnbull, our talented chef at St Peter's 8-13, to incorporate the produce we grow into the menu.
  • We have involved other groups to help us; for example the Friends of St Peter's 8-13, who sometimes come in and help tackle the bindweed!

We have planted flowers as well as fruit/vegetables, creating a butterfly bed, annual bed, perennial bed and sunflower bed.

We have continued to nurture the saplings received from the Woodland Trust and now have about 40 healthy trees to be planted in the School grounds.