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Bright Start

Our J1 pupils got the school year off to a great start today and shared lots of smiles with their friends along the way.

Pupils, some moving up from Clifton School and Nursery, others joining St Olave's from across a number of schools in Yorkshire and beyond, had a busy day: each pupil had their official school photo taken, a great chance to show off the smart new uniform!

Pupils also joined in assembly and met with housemates in their new houses: the house system is a powerful way to help pupils make friends quickly, know that they always have a supportive group behind them, and establish relationships across year groups.

All J1 pupils attended the School on Friday for a few hours, before other pupils returned, to ensure that by the first day of School they already felt confident navigating their way round the school, although the buddy system used at St Olave's is a great help here too: with so many specialist teaching areas for cookery, IT, design, art and more, it's a large area to commit to memory! It also meant there was an opportunity for those pupils who had not attended Clifton to make friends.

All of this has helped welcome them to St Olave’s and get them ready for the year to come.

After a delicious lunch in the Queen Anne's Dining Room, our pupils took part in the ‘getting to know you game’, where they talked with their classmates and discovered more about them. Pupils learned you cannot judge what skills and interests a person might have, just by looking at them, and that conversation is a great way to make new friends.

“My first day at St Olave’s has been really fun!” – Daniel

“I was really looking forward to joining St Olave’s, I’ve loved today and made lots of friends.” – Teddy

There is a whole world of opportunity and enjoyment awaiting our pupils over the next year and we wish them all the best on their exciting journey.