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Malory Towers Workshops

St Olave’s pupils explored the idea of empathy in a day of interactive drama workshops based around the new production of Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers.

St Olave’s J3 took part in three themed workshops led by staff from York Theatre Royal exploring the production’s story, music and characters. Following the morning’s workshops, the whole year group took a trip to York Theatre Royal to watch Malory Towers.

The pupils have been focusing this term on two of St Olave’s eight learning habits: empathy and collaboration. The workshops have been an excellent opportunity to develop these ways of thinking and behaviour. Working in small groups the pupils collaborated to bring extracts of the play to life. Stepping into the character’s shoes, pupils could think about how some of the characters feel and what emotions they could be experiencing.

Mrs Susie Lockett, said: “Understanding how other people feel and think, and why they might act the way they do is so important in helping children build strong relationships personally and, when they are older, professionally. It also helps them to understand how they might act and feel in different contexts. Learning to approach situations and behaviours in a thoughtful way, and to seek beneath the surface, has been the aim of today and watching the children respond, using their imaginations and care for others, has been wonderful.”