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History Lesson

Last week J5 were tasked with the challenge of exploring what it means to be “free”, ahead of their new term topic on the transatlantic slave trade.

J5 looked at various figures, contemporary and historical, and discussed how much “freedom” they had. J5 worked together in groups to establish a hierarchy of “freedom”. They considered the impact of control, responsibility, restrictions, health, choices, and money. They looked at figures including Boris Johnson, Ed Sheeran, Emily Davison, Jonny Bairstow, a coffee shop waitress, school children, and parents... It was a really interesting lesson and they had many different ideas! St Olave's are continuously developing their emotional intelligence and awareness, embracing their three core learning habits this term which include creativity, curiosity, and flexible thinking.

Mrs Armitage said, “J5 responded really well to this task. It was great to hear them discussing what makes a person “free” and how this isn’t always easy to define. Some of their ideas were really quite surprising and it has certainly made them think ahead of our new term topic on the transatlantic slave trade and the abolition.”