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A team of two J5 and two Third Form pupils from St Olave’s and St Peter’s competed in the Regional Final of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Team Challenge at the Mount School on 10 March. The competition puts the pupils’ maths, communication and teamwork skills to the test across four rounds of mathematical problems.  The St Peter’s Team were placed 4th in the competition.

The pupils had a wonderful experience. They said it was 'very challenging' and it allowed them to 'use skills from lessons at school and also the ISSP Maths Excellence Club (y=mx+c) they attend'. The pupils had to tackle a variety of engaging mathematical activities while developing teamwork and communication skills. They completed four difficult rounds including a Cross Number, where each pair of the team is only given half the clues which are written to interlink with each other, and Shuttle, relay and group rounds. Staff and pupils were delighted that we secured 4th place in this regional competition where 19 team took part.