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J3 Art

This term, J3 pupils at St Olave's have been studying penguins in art. In school, they had just made and painted some amazing ceramic penguins. They have also been sketching their creations and progressing their drawing skills in their sketchbooks. This week at home, they were set the challenge of drawing a baby Emperor penguin using just a pencil. They were tasked to capture proportion, form and texture in their work. 

I am so impressed by how hard they have clearly persevered! They have done a wonderful job and captured excellent proportion, form and texture in their illustrations! 


In their DT lessons, J4 have been working hard in the St Olave's workshop to make their finger-jointed storage boxes (please see below a couple of examples of work created by pupils that had been finished before closure; most of them were so close to finishing too and they were all doing an amazing job.)

In order to make their boxes, J4 have learnt how to use a wide range of workshop tools. Their task this week was to turn these workshop tools into characters. They were to give them alliterative names using speech bubbles so the characters could explain who they were and what they were used for.

I think they have done a super job of this! They have produced some highly creative pieces of work that are thoroughly making me smile as I am marking them!

J5 Art

J5 have been studying Gothic architecture this year. Recently, we have been looking at grotesques and gargoyles. The pupils were half way through making some ceramic grotesques from crank clay; they were coming along really well.

So their task this week was to draw a grotesque using just a pencil. Just like J3, they were tasked to capture proportion, form and texture in their work. 

I have been amazed by the dimension that the pupils have captured in their compositions! There is a real sense of character and realism in their pieces.