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J3 pupils were set a project on exploring Morse Code. Morse’s code was a very clever invention. It involved linking the use of each letter of the alphabet and the complexities of the code. Results were graphed and some pupils used Excel to put results onto a comparison graph. This linked the use of letters in the alphabet in both English and another language.

“Pupils loved the project as they were able to use IT, and were fascinated by the results of other languages”. - Mrs Jane

J5 were set a variety of tasks to choose from. This ranged from researching famous mathematicians codes and puzzles and finally a research project on discovering Pick’s Theorem. Mrs Jane says “Pick’s theorem is a brilliant way to explore a puzzle that includes algebra, shape and predictions”. Projects have been presented by pupils in the form of a movie, PowerPoint, or more traditional formats. A great opportunity for both creativity and Initiative.

 Click here for an example of work.