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StPeters Sept2020 158

Last Friday St Peter’s 8-13 Music Department celebrated their 20th Virtualosity Concert. What started out as a small project during lockdown has turned into a huge unstoppable force. With another 15 performances going ahead this week, Mrs Craven predicts we will reach 300 performances by the end of term.

The concert gives pupils a chance to perform (in their bubbles) every week and show off their talents with a whole array of fabulous instruments and ensembles, with an average of 15 performances each week. Every week the performances are recorded and added to YouTube so that they can be shared with family and friends. In a way, families are more ‘in tune’ (pardon the pun) than ever with their young stars as they are increasingly connected through online viewing, and Mrs Craven's subscribers are increasing weekly. 

The St Peter's 8-13 Music Department has also undergone a beautiful refurbishment. The Music Studio has been transformed into a superb performance venue with a comfortable waiting area, accessible Music Office and huge storeroom.

In response to a request for something that could be watched at home on Remembrance Sunday, Mrs Craven also organised for the Heads of House and pupil William Gawthorp (J4) to produce a special Remembrance video, which incorporates the Binyon poem, Last Post and Reveille. On Remembrance Sunday itself, William played the Last Post and Reveille for his village, with the sound holding in the fog in an incredibly moving moment.

The St Peter’s 8-13 Music Department has remained a bubble of positivity throughout the year and we can’t wait to hear what they do next!

You can watch the St Peter's 8-13 Remembrance video here