In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. We ask that all non-essential visitors also stay away from the school at this time. If your visit is essential, please read our visitor policy before you visit the school.

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Satellite Libraries

Satellite libraries have been introduced at St Peter’s 8-13 to make sure that our pupils can still benefit from the fantastic range of books available in the Library. 

To ensure the safety of our pupils and comply with social distancing guidelines, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the Library at St Peter’s 8-13.  

Usually, all classes have a lesson in the Library each week when they are able to select books from the broad range of fiction available, from ‘the classics’ to the most up to date publications. 

Although classes are currently unable to visit the Library, they will still have access to a great selection of books thanks to Mrs Locket’s new ‘satellite’ libraries. 

Mrs Locket has created small 'satellite' libraries for each class bubble for pupils aged 8-13.  

There will be a trolley for each bubble with around 200 - 300 books on and Mrs Locket has carefully chosen the books to ensure that they are age specific and cover a range of subjects.  

We are delighted that our pupils will still be able to benefit from the joys of reading during these challenging times.