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Viking Day

J1 have been learning about Vikings as part of their 'Invaders and Settlers' history curriculum this term. Pupils celebrated with a special Viking Day this week.

This week, pupils celebrated with a special Viking Day. The pupils learnt new skills and crafts including weaving, making flatbreads and creating Viking inspired jewellery. 

Earlier this term, J1 pupils also enjoyed spending the day as Vikings at Danelaw Dark Age Village, a replica Viking settlement based at Murton Park.  

During the day, they were farmers, hoeing the field and craftsmen making clay oil lamps. Children were even able to dress up in period-appropriate costumes and carry out a range of activities.  

These hands-on learning experiences are a much-loved feature of the curriculum at St Peter’s 8-13, and we are delighted to see that J1 have learnt so many new skills this term.