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Mental Health Week

Wellbeing happens all day every day at St Peter's. Each year we mark Children's Mental Health Week with lots of events and activities across the school, and this year was no different.

At St Peter's 2-8, children joined together for a special whole school assembly on Wednesday 3 February for Inside Out Day. They talked about kindness, what to do when we are feeling sad, and the significance of three little words - 'how are you?' The children also learnt about the importance of mental health awareness in their PSHE lessons, which inspired them to create happy rainbow artwork.

Inside Out Assembly

At St Peter's 8-13, pupils were encouraged to express themselves creatively, inspired by this year's Children's Mental Health Week theme. Mr Falconer also delivered a special assembly on sadness and practical suggestions to help:

"Feeling sad is normal and it’s okay. Emotions will ebb & flow, & you can move through sadness to a more positive emotion. That might involve one step or many" 

Mr Falconer

Mr Draper has also been working through a 10-week course from the Mindfulness in Schools Project with our J4 classes. Mr Draper started the course last term and is now continuing with mindfulness thoughts and practices online each week as part of the PSHE programme

Pupils at St Peter's 13-18 also focused on mental health and wellbeing in their PSHE lessons and House Meetings, using resources and videos from Now & Beyond, the UK's first ever mental health & wellbeing festival for schools. This year's themes were kindness, resilience and gratitude, and our pupils considered how these values can be practised each and every day.

Pupils and staff across the school also participated in Inside Out Day on 3 February, wearing their clothes inside out as a reminder that you never know how someone might be feeling inside.