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Our talented pupils at St Peter's 8-13 are very proud of their finished designs for their Enterprise Project.

Our pupils worked in groups to create a product adding a design using sublimation techniques. They then made adverts and sold the products online.

There was a huge variation of unique project ideas, such as embroidered jellyfish keyrings, hand-painted flower placemats, coffee, hot chocolate and tea mugs with hand drawn designs.

This is an innovative project that celebrates ingenuity and business sense. The Enterprise Project gives our pupils an experience of what the world of business is like. This project allowed them to show creativity, co-ordination with others, people management, and analysis and decision making... Skills that our young people will need to thrive.

The team with the best collaboration, design ideas, advert and profit margin will win. The profits are used to supplement the project the following year, and the rest will be given to charity.

They created some fantastic designs, which you can view below in our gallery: