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Lesley Holdsworth, who runs the laundry at St Peter's School, York, has announced her retirement after 31 years.

Lesley came to us in 1990 from the laundry at Clifton Hospital. She was appointed Laundry Manager and has successfully led that department since then. We want to thank Lesley for her service over many years, her quiet efficiency, positivity and commitment and dedication to the School.

Lesley is a quiet person who has worked hard running her department, serving the needs of the school efficiently and effectively without fuss or fanfare.

She is described by those who worked closely with her and for her as:

  • efficient and organised
  • thorough
  • always willing to help
  • she does everything to a high standard
  • nothing is too much trouble, Lesley goes out of her way to ensure that her department meets our Laundry needs (not easy in Rugby season!)
  • she ensures that laundry is always done on time
  • she is a very joyful person
  • has a positive attitude
  • we don’t have to worry about the laundry; it is very well run and in safe hands with Lesley in charge
  • she’s a good manager and a very nice person to work for
  • “We have fun in the Laundry!”

Whilst working at St Peter's Lesley also studied with the Open University and has successfully gained an honours degree (BSc) in Natural Sciences (2:1), and a diploma in molecular science.  She was always studying something regularly and attended lectures particularly in science related subjects. 

Lesley has always worked hard in her service to the school, she put St Peter’s first and has the school’s needs, particularly the needs of our pupils, at heart.

Lesley has seen many changes at St Peter's over the years and recalled how, when she joined the school 31 years ago, laundry was transported across the campus in wooden wheelbarrows!

Support staff from St Peter's School gathered on the Clifton and Grove Lawn on Thursday 29 July for a special barbecue to say thank you to Lesley and to celebrate her contribution to the school over so many years.

Lesley is a valued member of the St Peter's School community and will be greatly missed. 

Giles Roberts, Director of Operations, said: "We wish Lesley well as she retires after so many years doing such a fantastic job running the laundry."