In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. Please read our visitor policy before you visit the school.

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Join us on June 10 2017

Our Open Morning gives your family the chance to see St Olave’s in action.

As lessons take place across the school for our eight to thirteen year old pupils, you can meet the Master Andy Falconer, take a whole-school tour seeing subject teaching in progress, view Wentworth Boarding House and talk to current students and parents.

It’s the very best way to understand what makes St Olave’s so special: not just the outstanding learning and sports facilities, but the energy and commitment to learning that fills every classroom, corridor and learning space.

Please let us know you're coming.

Oustanding facilities

Visit our:

  • Science labs
  • Library
  • Music centre
  • Art and design centre
  • Cookery room
  • Swimming pool, sports halls, rugby and cricket pitches

Learning and experience

Find out more about our:

  • 20+ clubs and after school activities, from animal projects to photography
  • French, German, Spanish and Latin teaching
  • Exceptional sports programme and coaching, with more than five hours of sport offered every week
  • Strong and varied choral and instrumental programme with ensemble and performance opportunities at major venues
  • Regular trips, including skiing, foreign sports tours and national museum and theatre tours


Whatever subject is on the timetable, teaching at St Olave’s is informed by a Growth Mindset that nurtures collaboration, creativity, curiosity, embracing challenge, empathy, flexible thinking, initiative and perseverance. It is how we shape young people to be brave enough to take risks: essential if they are to grow into happy and successful adults.

Visit us to understand more about how Growth Mindset informs our culture and see whether our school can help your child thrive.


Boarding helps children make the most of every minute. Wentworth Boarding House is close at hand, and for boarders learning and recreation are embraced equally with a packed weekend activities schedule full of new things to try with friends.

Boarding helps families make the most of their precious time together. Flexi-boarding means it is easier than ever to plan weeks that are productive and enjoyable.

Our houseparents work as a team with families to ensure children are supported, challenged and celebrated. Every day, we are proud to watch our boarders become confident, communicative, independent young people, who deal expertly with their peers.

Explore our cosy, friendly boarding house on our Open Day, meet houseparents and matron, see the accommodation and how pupils make the space their own. Learn more about life as a boarder.

Help With Fees

We are delighted to be able to offer means-tested fee assistance to some children applying for entry to Years 7 to 9 (J4-J6).

Please discuss this with us at the earliest opportunity, so that we can help and advise. Contact

You will also be able to pick up more information on our Open Day.

Register for our Open Day

If you'd like to attend, please let us know you're coming.

PA to the Master, Clare Murgatord can help with any admissions or Open Day inquiries. Please email her on