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ChapelOur Chapel services at St Peter's are first and foremost focused on the pupils. All our services have the aim of giving our pupils a positive experience. Sometimes that experience may be a learning experience; for example, when the morning’s story comes from the Bible, or is inspired by the life of a great moral figure. Sometimes it may be spiritual and often it comes in the form of greater moral awareness. Ideally, it should be a mixture of all three.

Chapel, of course, gives an opportunity to worship God. It introduces many to a variety of forms of worship and it gives pupils the experience of collective worship. The setting of Chapel services is a traditional Church of England one, but outside speakers of different faiths are also invited by the Chaplain.

Staff also contribute to Chapel, again adding to the variety of topics and styles of worship. Moreover, the Chaplain occasionally uses the stories and moral content of other world religions to emphasise the common humanity of all people and the moral ideals we should all share.

Our pupils do not sit passively in Chapel. Many are active members of the choir and all pupils in our top year are expected to read or participate in some way in Chapel. In order to be inclusive younger pupils also participate and read in Chapel. Again the aim is to make our Chapel services a relevant and positive experience for all our pupils.

We hold Chapel from 8.30 – 9.00am every Tuesday and Thursday, in the Chapel building which we share with St Peter’s 13-18.