In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a strict visitor policy to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the whole school community. Please read our visitor policy before you visit the school.

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StPeters Nov18 30One of the great strengths of St Peter's 8-13 is that it is part of a 2-18 family of schools. Pupils therefore belong to the wider community of St Peter’s but have a very clear identity whilst they are here. That sense of family is very important; indeed many pupils have siblings at St Peter's 2-8 or St Peter's 13-18.

We also try to get involved in the wider community as much as is practical with children aged 8-13. We have a 'charity of the term' and pupils are encouraged to come up with imaginative fundraising ideas.

There is also an increased drive to educate our pupils to have a greater awareness of their role in sustainability. To this end we have an Eco Council who have regular meetings and work towards improving the grounds and school environment.