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StPeters Nov18 26Our School Council is made up of 18 pupils (one from each class) plus a member of the senior leadership team. The Head, Mr Falconer, is also a member and regularly attends meetings.

The Council meets every few weeks (or more often if needed) to discuss any issues raised by pupils or other staff. Discussions are fed back to pupils in Form time and in assembly.

Examples of decisions and discussion had by the Council include looking at purchasing more playground equipment (small items such as cricket bats or netballs) for both senior and junior playgrounds. The Council will make a suggestion to the School, come up with a list of possible items and organise a vote, via Forms, to see what the most popular items to purchase would be.

The aim is for pupils to have a voice. We want to listen to pupils’ opinions or suggestions on a variety of issues, tangible or otherwise.

Other recent activity has included looking at school dinners and deciding which meals were most popular, and organising a time capsule to be buried in the quiet garden.