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GFBC Events


May 2019: York Spring Regatta

Coxed quad: B Nick Booth, 2 Carly Bodill, 3 Matt Williams, S Jane Jenkins, Cox Liz Freeman

Coxless quad: B David Andrews, 2 Fiona Sermon, 3 Simon Smith, S Oliver Quarmby

March 2018: Yorkshire Head

Mx.MasC/G.4x+ Jane Jenkins, Carly Bodill, Matt Williams, Nick Booth, Liz Freeman (cox) - 24:16.5

MasD.2x David Coidan, Simon Smith - 24:00.3


November 2018: Small Boats Head

2x- David Coidan and Simon Smith - 14.41.7 (adj)

4x+ David Andrews, Nick Booth, Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew, cox Liz Freeman - 13:05.4 (adj)

4x+ Steve Bew, Nick Booth, Nigel Bew, Jane Jenkins, cox Liz Freeman - 13.38.5 (adj)


November 2017: York Small Boats Head

4x+ Sally Emmerson, Joan MacLeod, Sue Brown, Frances Davies, cox Liz Freeman

2x Charles Cecil and Nigel Bew

2x Keith Emmerson and Allan Highet

1x Karl Pampus

September 2017: York Autumn Sculls

2x David Coidan and Simon Smith

4x+ Frances Davies, Allan Highet. Nick Booth, Jane Jenkins, cox Liz Freeman

June 2017: National Championships, Nottingham

Mas2x David Coidan and Allan Highet - 4:25.92

March 2017: Yorkshire Head

MasMxE4x+ Sally Emmerson, Liz Green, Nick Booth, Frances Davies, cox Karen Hales - 24:21.6

MasMx2x- Charles Cecil, Jane Jenkins - 23:20.9

February 2017: South Yorkshire Head (Doncaster)

Mas4x- Nigel Bew and three others - 16:51.00

MasMxE/G2x Keith and Sally Emmerson - 20:36.00

W.Mas2x- Louise Worsman and one other - 21.29.00

Mas2x- Nick Booth and Allan Highet - 20:47.00


November 2016: York Small Boats Head

Keith Emmerson and Allan Highet WINNER MasG/H.2x 17:25.7

David Andrews and Karl Pampus WINNER MasE/F.2x 15:24.7

David Andrews MasD.1x 16:39.0

Nigel Bew MasE/F.1x 17:25.2

Charles Cecil and Nigel Bew MasE/F.2x 16:29.0

Charles Cecil MasD.1x 17:56.7

David Coidan MasE/F.1x 20:03.0

Sally Emmerson, Frances Davies, Niki Doeg, Jane Jenkins, cox Karen Hales W.MasD.4x+ 18:41.1

Karl Pampus MasE/F.1x 17:10.5

David Coidan and Simon Smith MasE/F.2x 17:28.3

Louise Worsman and Jane Jenkins W.MasD.2x 19:14.6

October 2016: Ancholme Head

Mas E 4x-: Karl Pampus, David Andrews, Nigel Bew, Charles Cecil (Winner 10:46 9:58)

Mas E 2x: Karl Pampus, David Andrews (Winner 11:42 11:42)

Mas B/E IM3 2x: Charles Cecil, David Coiden (Winner 12:27 11:38)

Mx Mas A/E/F 2x: Sally Emmerson, Keith Emmerson(2nd 13:20 12:09)

W Mas D/E 2x: Jane Jenkins, Louise Worseman (2nd 13:41 13:04)

Mas F/G/H 2x: Keith Emmerson, David Coiden (3rd 12:22 11:15)

September 2016: York Head

Coxed quad: Sally Emmerson, Allan Highet, Jane Jenkins, Louise Worsman, Keith Emmerson

Cox-less quad: David Andrew, David Coidan, Charles Cecil, Karl Pampus

June 2016: York Summer Regatta

Single scull: David Andrews 

Double sculls: David Andrews and Karl Pampus, Keith Emmerson and Allan Highet, Nick Booth and Iain Hulmes, and Charles Cecil and David Coidan

June 2016: Masters National Championships, Nottingham 

Mas F 2x-: David Coidan and Allan Highet (4 min 30.68, lost by 4.48 seconds!) 

Mas D 2x-: David Andrews and Karl Pampus (4 min 12.19 sec, Gold Medal Winners)

Mas D 1-: David Andrews (4 min 07.19, Bronze Medal Winner)

Thus David Andrews and Karl Pampus no longer have novice status!

May 2016: Tees Regatta

Mas D 1x: David Andrews 

Mas D 2x-: David Andrews and David Coidan    

April 2016: York Spring Regatta 

Mixed 4x-: Nick Booth, Sally Emmerson, Keith Emmerson, Jane Jenkins 

Men's Mas F 2x-: David Coidan and Allan Highet (winners as opponents capsized!) 

Men's Mas 2-: David Andrews and Karl Pampus (winners as opponents withdrew!)    

March 2016: Vesta Masters, London Tideway 

GFBC members joined rowers from Bradford RC in two mixed eights.     

Feb 2016: South Tees Head, Doncaster

Mas E 4x+: Joan MacLeod, Sally Emmerson, David Coidan, and David Andrews, Liz Hinton (who beat…)

Mas E 4x+: Nigel Bew, Keith Emmerson, Julie McLeish, Liz Green, Liz Hinton 


Sep 2015: Boston Marathon

W Mas D 1x: Julie McLeish (326:15:4, no other competitors in same category so no winner)

Sep 2015: York Autumn Sculls

Masters D/E/G 4+: David Andrews, Nick Booth, Nigel Bew, Charles Cecil, Andrew Gray (19.05)

Masters D/F Nov 2x: Simon Smith, David Coidan (21.18.9, Winners)

June 2015: York Summer Regatta

Masters D 4+: David Andrews, Iain Hulme, Charles Cecil, David Coidan, Andrew Gray (lost in final by a length)

Masters D/E/F 2x- (entered men's event as no mixed event): Keith and Sally Emmerson (lost in semifinal by three lengths) 

May 2015: York Spring Regatta

Men's Mas D/E 2x-: David Coidan and Simon Smith (beat crew below in heat, lost in final)

Men's Mas D/E 2x-: Nick Booth and Keith Emmerson

Women's Mas D/E 2x-: Julie McLeish and Liz Green (lost in final by 2 lengths) 


December 2014: York Small Boats Head 

Ladies' Masters D 4x+: Joan Macleod, Liz Green, Frances Davies, Julie McLeish, Liz Freeman (17min 04.5sec – Winners)

Men's Double scull: David Coidan and Simon Smith (15min 30.1)

Men's Masters E 4x+:  Keith Emmerson, Nick Booth, Charles Cecil, David Andrews, Andrew Gray (13min 54.5, Winners)

October 2014 - Rhein Marathon

Coxed quad: David Andrew, Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew, Karl Pampus  

March 2014 - Vesta Masters Head 

Coxed eight: Keith Emmerson, Karl Pampus, Allan Highet, Charles Cecil, Richard Smith, Andrew Inglis, Nigel Bew, David Andrews, Andrew Gray  

Coxed eight: Sally Exley, Sue Brown, Liz Green, David Coidan, Simon Smith, Iain Hulmes, Stephanie Heard, Nick Booth, Emily Gray  

March 2014: Yorkshire Head 

Men’s 4: Keith Emmerson, David Coidan, Allan Highet, Charles Cecil

Coxed quad: Richard Smith, Andrew Inglis, Nigel Bew, David Andrews, Andrew Gray 

Mixed 8: Sally Exley, Sue Brown, Simon Smith, Nick Booth, Mark Johnson, Iain Hulmes, Liz Green, Julie McLeish, Liz Hinton


November 2013: York Small Boats Head 

 Coxed quad: Allan Highet, Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew, David Andrews, Andrew Gray  

June 2013: Summer Regatta    

Master 2x-: David Coidan, Simon Smith (lost in semi-final) 

Novice 4x+: Janette Benaddi, Niki Doeg, Helen Butters, Jill Andrews, Liz Freeman (lost in quarter-final) 

Mixed Master 4x-: Keith Emmerson, Joan Macleod, Sally Exley, Nick Booth (lost in semi-final to Pampus) 

Mixed Master 4x-: Karl Pampus, Liz Green, Sue Browne, David Andrews (lost by a foot in final to Durham ARC)

Mixed Master 4x-: Charles Cecil, Frances Davies, Niki Doeg, Nigel Bew (lost in semi to Durham ARC)  

May 2013: Tees 

Ladies' novice coxed quad: Julie McLeish, Sue Browne, Liz Green, Joan MacLeod, Liz Freeman (Winners)

4 May 2013: Spring Regatta   

Women's coxed quad: Jill Andrews (race 1), Julie MacLeish (race 2), Sue Browne, Liz Green, Joan MacLeod, Liz Freeman   

Mixed coxed quad: Allan Highet (race 1); David Coidan (race 2), Paul Simpson (race 1), Simon Smith (race 2), Janette Benaddi (race 1), Ruth Graham (race 2), Ruth Graham (race 1), Janette Benaddi (race 2), Andrew Gray   

Men's coxless quad: David Andrews, Karl Pampus, Nigel Bew, Charles Cecil

9 March 2013: Yorkshire Head  

Master D 4x+: Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew, Karl Pampus, David Andrews, Andrew Gray (Time 20:11.2, Winner)

Master D 4x+: David Coidan, Paul Simpson, Simon Smith, Andrew Inglis, Liz Freeman (23:11.9)

Women Novice 4x+: Emily Freeman, Frances Davies, Susie Wilkinson, Niki Doeg, David Andrews (24:06.3)

Women Masters C4x+: Joan Macleod, Liz Green, Sue Browne, Julie McLeish, Andrew Gray (24.57.7)


November 2012: York Small Boats Head 

Women's Masters B/C/D coxed quad: Joan Macleod, Liz Green, Frances Davies, Niki Doeg, Andrew Gray (17 min 30.8)

Women's Masters B/C/D coxed quad: Sally Exley, Janette Benaddi, Ruth Graham, Julie McLeish, Andrew Gray (18 min 4.4)

Men's Masters D coxless quad: Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew, Karl Pampus, David Andrews (13 min 18.0)

Men's Masters D/E coxed quad of MasD/E 4x+!!: Allan Highet, Simon Smith, Keith Emmerson, Nick Booth, Liz Freeman (15 min 19.3, Winners)   

May 2012: Spring Regatta 

Men's masters double scull: Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew 

Men's masters coxless quad: Nick Booth, David Coidan, Simon Smith, Keith Emmerson  

Women's eight: Niki Doeg, Frances Davies, Janette Benaddi, Helen Butters, Alice Ridgway, Caroline Lennox, Sally Exley, Julie McLeish, Kate Longstaff 

March 2012: York Head 

Men's Master D: Allan Highet, Nigel Bew, Karl Pampus, David Andrews, Andrew Gray (21 min 02.2)

Women's Master C: Niki Doeg, Frances Davies, Sally Exley, Julie McLeish, Rowena Rogers (26 min 40.3)

Men's Eight: Allan Highet, Charles Cecil, Keith Emmerson, David Coidan, Karl Pampus, Nick Booth, Nigel Bew, David Andrews, Andrew Grey (20 min 13.7 sec) 


November 2011: York Small Boats Head

Coxed quad: Niki Doeg, Karen Hales, Sally Exley, Julie McLeish, Andrew Gray (17 min 07.7) 

Coxed quad: Charles Cecil, Nigel Bew, Karl Pampus, David Andrews, Andrew Gray (12 min 20.4) 

Coxed quad: Tony Suckling, Keith Emmerson, Allan Highet, Nick Booth, Andrew Gray (15 min 07.9)

A downloadable record of events for the Guy Fawkes Boat Club from 1995 can be found below.

Guy Fawkes Boat Club Record of Events

Photos from past events can be viewed in the gallery.

York Spring Regatta 2019